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Coloration, Naturally GOOD! Simply not Naturally-Coloured Pores and skin?

2020. What a time. A world pandemic. Political criminality. Financial instability and heightened, renewed racial discord, disharmony and unrest.

There’s a lot I can say or submit; however for now, I’ll share TWO POEMS: One, a poem I wrote years in the past: “NATURE PROVES IT TRUE.” It addresses how coloration is so good, liked, desired in all facets of life–meals, artwork, nature; however on the subject of naturally coloured pores and skin (i.e., no tanning beds required!), too many of us with out pure ‘coloration have a serious downside…to some extent of even hate of their fellow man.

The second poem, “THE COLOR of THEIR SKIN” was written within the Seventies by my stepfather, Mr. Leo Richards. How well timed his phrases are immediately.

Each these and different poems about life love, racism, religion, household and loss of life might be discovered within the e-book assortment of 120 poems: MELODIES of the HEART: Poems of Life & Love.


See a sample right here, my brother?

My white brother, too.

Sit some time, pay attention up…

Let me share some fact with you.

White bread, white rice,

For positive they’ve been round;

However proof confirms

The higher selection is brown.

Darker chocolate certainly has

Extra antioxidants.

White chocolate protects you none,

Simply energy misspent.

The butterflies that fly round,

They arrive in several hues.

For positive, those with deeper shades—

Extra magnificence they imbue.

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice;

For years you’ve heard this mentioned.

To appear like me, whites search the solar

And burn on tanning beds.

If Picasso and Nikita

Painted each canvas pale,

Artists utilizing deeper shades

Will surely prevail.

A backyard is named lovely

When it’s wealthy in hue;

So, now my buddy, I have to ask

This query only for you.

Sure, the darker the higher;

Nature proves it true.

So why, on the subject of pores and skin,

You need no darkish close to you?

Sure, why, on the subject of pores and skin,

Darkish is now not good?

Reply this—I encourage of you—

Reply if you happen to would.

Copyright © 1998 Dr. Melody T. McCloud. All Rights Reserved.


One other poem, written within the Seventies by my late stepfather, Mr. Leo Richards. Entitled, “The Coloration of Their Pores and skin.” and his phrases SPOT ON immediately!


The younger man lay throughout the sealed-off road,

Blood oozing slowly from the offended bullet wounds.

The officer, stone-faced, eyed the gathering crowd

As he waited for the radioed EMS.

A girl yelled, “Officer, what’s the cost?”

Unsmiling, he flipped a sheet, and skim

“Menacing. Resisting arrest.”

One other girl screamed, “we all know the cost!

The standard cost, what’s his crime?”

An previous man with saddened eyes replied,

His crime, his solely crime,

Is the colour of his pores and skin.” —LR

Copyright © Mr. Leo Richards through Dr. Melody T. McCloud. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Copyright © 2020 Dr. Melody T. McCloud. All rights reserved. Please share this submit in your social community pages, with writer credit score and hyperlink to this web page. Bitly: ______________  Tw: @DrMelodyMcCloud. MELODIES of the HEART: Poems of Life & Love.

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