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Psychological Ideas That Could Help You Plan Your Next Event

Nov 9

Whether you're holding a business event, a medical conference, or an exhibition, these psychological concepts may help you draw attendees and contribute to a more productive collaborative event.


Options Paradox

Having too many alternatives might cause reluctance, even yet individuals flourish when they have the independence and ability to make their own judgments. When establishing event registration online, restrict each category to a few workable possibilities rather than giving every possible option at once. Keep in mind that if there are too many options available, buyers may not choose any of them.


Pricing As A Starting Point

Although it may be tempting to show the regular prices first, by putting any event VIP prices at the top of the list, you may be able to convince visitors that the regular ticket is a good deal. By demonstrating to financially responsible guests how much money they would save by choosing the usual route, you may convince them to choose the safer, more responsible route rather than turn away your financially responsible visitors.


The Reciprocity Principle

Because we are social creatures, we are more inclined to return the favor to someone who has helped us, even if we didn't ask for it. The planning of events may be influenced by psychological ideas. Make an offer to people in advance if you need them to register for or donate to an event in the future so they will be more likely to do so.



While you could get some high-level rejection, it doesn't always mean you're entirely out of luck. Meetings and events need the involvement of a broad range of individuals, from speakers to volunteers. Try making a modest request instead of one that is being rejected or is being debated; many people will see this as a concession on your side and will be more amenable to compromising.