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An Affair of the Heart: Our Dedicated Team

Jul 27

When it comes to restoring savored relationships, having an effective team of coaches and relationship therapists is essential. An Affair of the Heart takes pride in having some of the top specialists in its team of Therapy Retreats professionals attending to clients. So when you visit this center, be rest assured that you and your partner will walk out craving to rebuild your relationship. Below are some of the specialists available to attend to any relationship problems.

Ross Hackerson

Ross Hackerson is a critical member of An Affair of the Heart, having above forty years of experience in the field. He has dealt with people who have experienced emotional and sexual abuse, as well as childhood neglect. These are critical aspects that are known to affect relationships. Yet, he has managed to work up solutions that have been effective at making people in relationships heal from these situations. These methods have been scientifically proven effective at solving real-life relationship problems. He is the right man to contact if you are looking for ‘retreats Near Me’.

Jordan Hamilton, Ph.D.

Jordan Hamilton is an exceptional coach at An Affair of the Heart who deals with relationship issues spanning from unfinished problems from the past to new challenges from current times. He is an expert who is calm and listening and can analyze any relationship problems to devise working solutions tailored to solving marriage issues. In addition, his Marriage Therapy Retreats are certain to solve trauma-related problems.

Sage Goodwin, LMFT

Sage Goodwin is another critical member of An Affair of the Heart who has trained in many fields. She has knowledge and expertise in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Trauma, among several others. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. In addition, Goodwin is licensed to be a marriage and family therapist. These qualifications make her an all-around therapist when it comes to helping couples going through rough relationships. So, if you are asking yourself, “where can I find a Couples Therapy Retreat Near Me?”, look no further than by contacting Sage Goodwill. She’s more than ready to help your relationship thrive and move past any relationship problems.

An Affair of the Heart is the Ideal Place to Visit with Your Partner

With such coaches and Marriage Counseling Retreat An Affair of the Heart has taken center stage in the field of relationships and marriage counseling. They have all the necessary expertise, experience, and facilities to help troubled couples get back on their feet with a prosperous relationship. 

An Affair Of The Heart
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