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The Right Centre for Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats

May 23

Keeping your marriage intact is challenging. Problems arise even in the best relationships. You can have problems with your partner due to a lack of proper communication and respect. Communication and respect are key foundation blocks of a good marriage. In some cases, some couples have issues due to differences in goals and aspirations. All these issues make couples have constant arguments and disputes which can make them think of separation or divorce. But things should not get there. An Affair Of The Heart is offering NYC Marriage Counseling retreats to save relationships in turmoil. Here is what differentiates us from the rest.

We Have an Excellent Reputation 

Building a reputation is not easy when dealing with couples and family issues. You must help couples in crisis overcome their challenges so that they can recommend you. An Affair Of The Heart has been helping couples with problems over the years, and we have earned our reputation. You can visit our website to read thousands of positive reviews from couples we have helped before and now live a happy life. You can also join our long list of happy couples by attending our upcoming Marriage Counseling Retreat.

We Have Certified Marriage Counselors

Most marriage issues are caused by deeper problems that need to be addressed for things to get better. Our trained and certified marriage and family counselors can help you overcome challenges making you think of getting a divorce. You will have one-on-one private sessions with our therapists, and they will listen to you and help you get your relationship back on track. Our therapists use scientifically proven methods to help you heal and rebuild broken trust. Relationship Retreat will also teach you ways to resolve marriage conflicts and avoid them. 

We Guarantee Fast Results

When you attend our Intensive Marriage Retreats, you will have more time with our marriage counselors, and they will use proven methods to resolve your issues and re-establish the connection. Also, with our 5-day retreat, you will see positive developments and changes in your relationship. When you leave the retreat, you will be like newlyweds going for a honeymoon. 

Fair Pricing

We don't want you to spend all your savings to save your sinking relationship. For that reason, we are reasonable in our attendance fees. This allows all couples, including those with limited resources, to come to our Marriage Therapy Retreats so that they can rebuild their relationships and enjoy married life.

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