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The Result-Oriented Couples Therapy Retreats Center

May 22

Having a good relationship or marriage is never easy. It calls for sacrifices and commitment to ensure it works. However, no matter how committed you are, problems do arise. How you deal with the issues will determine if your relationship works or crumbles. But making your relationship work should be your priority. Going for marriage counseling cannot be enough. You should consider Couples Therapy Retreats for fast results. At An Affair Of The Heart, we organize the best therapy retreats for couples to help them reboot their relationships. Here are problems we can address during the retreats.

Going Through and Healing from an Affair

Discovering your partner is having an affair is one of the most hurtful things you can face. Considering you have been committed to the relationship and have done everything right to keep your partner, it must be heartbreaking. However, all is not lost. We can help you go through an affair and heal during our Marriage Counseling Retreats. The retreats give you time to open up and talk things out, and with our help, you can rebuild the broken trust and start all over again.

Contemplating Divorce

In some cases, married couples have a rough time. There is no peace at home, and there is no connection at all. At such a time, one may think of leaving the marriage. But, that is not the best option. The first thing you should do is identify what is making you not understand each other or preventing you from living in peace, love, and harmony. Probably communication or other minor issues are to be blamed. During our Couples Retreats, you will be helped by our marriage therapists to solve those underlying issues, improve your communication, and give your marriage a second chance.

Problems with Sexual Intimacy

If couples have been having issues now and then, their connection and attraction to each can worsen. This is mainly due to old relationship wounds and poor communication. They may feel sexually distant and can't enjoy sexual intimacy. When you attend Marriage Retreats organized by An Affair Of The Heart, you can be helped to heal old unhealed wounds, improve communication, and reestablish the connection with your partner for better sexual experiences.

Abuse and Trauma

Our experienced team, led by Ross Hackerson, will help you heal from sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. Our psychologists and therapists will use proven methods to help you accept and heal from trauma during the Therapy Retreats. In addition, we help you overcome other trauma-related disorders. Plan to attend our therapy retreats, and you will see a change in your relationship and life.


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