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Ideas For Mental Health Awareness Month

Apr 19

The month of May has been devoted to raising awareness of mental health issues for more than 70 years. Organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Mental Health America, and NAMI take use of Mental Health Awareness Month to educate the public and combat the stigma associated with mental illness. This year's topic for Mental Illness Awareness Week is "Together for Mental Health," which runs from October 2-8. Additionally, on October 10, the world celebrates World Mental Health Day.

Health and wellness programs are becoming increasingly important to businesses because of the rapidly changing society in which we live. HR departments are particularly positioned to promote healthy mental and physical activity in their workplaces since roughly one in five persons of every age, color, and gender suffers from a mental health issue — that's 44.7 million working Americans, according to the CDC.

Stressful times can be alleviated by taking breaks from the news, meditating, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones. To get you started, here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about ways to improve the health of your workplace.


One Way To Show Your Support Is To Wear Green

Don't forget to wear green T-shirts to show your support for mental health awareness at the office or on video conferences with your co-workers. Custom polos or a fleece jacket like the Bristol Half Zip will keep you warm and professional when you're on the phone with clients.


Openly Discussing Mental Health Issues

Knowledge is the most important thing. Aim to educate people about mental health and stress management. This toolkit from Mental Health America has a wealth of mental health-related recommendations, infographics, and resources that may be sent to teams during Mental Health Awareness Month. Wristbands or magnets with mental health awareness slogans can help break down stigmas surrounding mental illness.


Mental Health


Doing Something Creative Is The Third Step

Stress-relieving coloring books may be done at home or at the workplace, so take a few minutes to relax. Art therapy may be used to "explore feelings, reconcile emotional issues, enhance self-awareness,... decrease anxiety and increase self-esteem," according to the American Art Therapy Association.


It's a great approach to bring a little happiness around the workplace if you keep things light-hearted. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing has several short-term and long-term health advantages, from relieving stress to boosting immunity. You may brighten your mood by using a stress reliever like the Fun-To-Fidget Cube or a stress ball fashioned like a brain. Socks with the boss's face on them, or back scratchers with the boss's face on them, are sure to bring a smile.


Maintain A Healthy Level Of Physical Activity

Encourage your workers to get regular exercise as an important part of living a healthy and active lifestyle. You may share a plethora of free web and mobile resources and applications.

Many chronic health disorders have been shown to be improved via the practice of yoga, making it an excellent tool for mind-body integration. For example, you may have your brand printed on a yoga mat, a mixing ball tumbler, or an exercise band.


Drink Water – Lots of It!

Keep your staff hydrated after encouraging them to participate in all of this physical exercise. Filling up on the prescribed 8 glasses of water a day is made easy with colorful water bottles or tumblers with straws.


Maintain A Regular Schedule

Promote schedule adherence amongst your workplace and social acquaintances. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a stroll with your dog, or a new recipe, it might be beneficial to begin and finish your day with activities that offer you delight.


Create A Haven Of Peace In Your Own Home

Everyone should have a private area where they may recharge their batteries. Gifts of aromatherapy, such as a Bamboo Soy Candle or a spray of essential oils, might help your employees relax at home.


Anxiety Should Be Allotted A Designated Time Slot

A hectic work schedule can make it easy to lose sight of time. Your staff will enjoy having something exciting to look forward to each day if you encourage them to maintain a journal or arrange fun events in advance on a Wellness calendar.


Year-Round Mental Health Awareness

When it comes to mental health, it's not just in May that you can raise awareness. First full week of October is Mental Health Awareness Week each year. The event will take place from October 2 to October 8 in 2022. In honor of the National Alliance on Mental Disease's work to educate and raise public awareness about mental illness, Congress created the organization in 1990.

Monday, October 10, 2022, is World Mental Health Day. Mental health education, awareness, and campaigning against societal stigma are all part of this event. As a result of the World Federation for Mental Health's proposal in 1992, the first International Mental Health Day was commemorated.