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Reasons Why to Outsource Your Medical Coding?

Apr 4

As the complexity in the medical billing and coding processes increases day by day, managing medical practice's revenue cycle has become difficult. This difficulty has given rise to the need for medical billing and medical coding services. This is because medical billing and coding is now not the undertaking that can not be performed while scheduling appointments and patient visits. 

Medical billing and medical credentialing services were straightforward in the past, as the rules and codes were rarely changed, and there were fewer claim denials. On the other hand, now codes and regulations are frequently changing, due to which staying with the recent updates has become difficult, and there the claim denial and rejection rate have arisen to 30-35%. To avoid such tragedies, a medical practice must have the latest software and professionals medical billing company for medical coding and medical billing services. If you are looking for a medical billing company that provides the best services, you should contact UControl Billing. 

In order to manage revenue, ROI, and costs and provide the best patient care to the clients, now most medical practices opt to outsource medical coding services from medical billing companies in the US. 

What Is Outsourced Medical Coding?

If you wonder what it means to outsource medical coding services, then simply know that instead of in-house medical billing,  you make a contract with a third-party company that takes care of your practice's medical coding and medical billing process. They are responsible for all the needs of coding and billing of your medical practice, and they ensure that all their staff is up-to-date as well as fully competent when it comes to the latest coding and latest Medical Transcription Services! In addition to outsourcing medical coding services, you can also contact a medical coder, a professional who will use the resources of your practice and his expertise to provide the best medical coding. 

If a practice outsourced medical billing services from a medical billing company, they would have to send the medical charts to the billing and coding experts. These professional coders and billers will read the charts, perform the coding, and resend the charts to the practice! Some medical billing companies also provide the services of medical auditing codes and also review them! 

Reasons for Outsourcing Medical Coding

Here are the compelling reasons for opting for medical coding services: 


It is a known fact that in many scenarios, outsourcing medical coding and medical billing services from a medical billing company is more cost-effective as compared to in-house medical coding. This is because, in order to have perfect in-house medical billing, one has to employ skillful and professional medical coders, which is costly! By outsourcing medical coding services, you get the benefits of top-notch medical coders at meager investments. As soon as you partner up with a medical billing company, they become responsible for all the expenses. Medical billing companies operate on large scales, and they have access to numerous experienced medical coders and billers. This is why they can provide the best medical coding services at affordable prices!  

Improved Billing Accuracy

In most cases, outsourced medical coding bears less to no coding errors regarding reimbursements. Outsourcing medical billing and coding services will also allow your practice to be efficient and effective. Medical billing companies tend to stay updated to avoid medical coding errors, which allows quick repayment and a good revenue cycle for the medical practice! 

Up-to-Date Certifications

With constant changes in the coding procedures, a medical coder has to stay up-to-date when it comes to medical coding. This also implies that coders should also stay up-to-date with the certifications and education requirements. By doing so, the coder also benefits. As with the required knowledge, they can stay current with the government's updates in rules and regulations! Working with a medical billing company, you will get your hands on certified and well-informed medical coders who will fulfill all the requirements needed for accurate medical coding. This is because medical billing companies have the best medical coders who are fully competent! 

Transparency and Security

It was believed that outsourcing was not secure in the past, but with the changes and awareness, this notion has changed. Nowadays, medical companies are more confident and transparent regarding medical billing and medical coding services! They maintain the billing decorum of the practice with a stable and secure medical billing system. Most medical billing companies ensure that all the sensitive and confidential information of the patients and practice are safeguarded against all the odds of hacking and other breaches in the database. 

Hiring Challenges

The biggest challenge that a practice faces when going for in-house medical billing is hiring professional medical coders. This is because, in the current market, there is a shortage of skillful and experienced medical coders. One of the reasons for this shortage is constant changes in ICD codes. These changes compel the coders to learn new systems almost every day, which sometimes demotivates the coders as getting hands-on codes is difficult. In addition, it is more difficult to find a coder that specializes in a specific field. Also, the shortage of medical coders has given the rise in the salaries of coders. 

When you outsource medical coding services, you will have access to numerous coders with different expertise. Medical billing companies have hired coders from everywhere, so they have coders with additional qualifications. If one of their coders leaves for a particular reason, they will hire a new replacement at that very moment, so your medical billing and coding process will run without any hurdles. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Outsourcing medical billing and medical coding services will provide your medical practice with more flexibility and scalability than in-house medical billing. In internal coding, you have several coders with limited expertise and experience. If one of them leaves or falls ill, it may put your medical process in danger. This is where outsourcing medical billing services can help a medical practice! 

Medical billing companies have a large pool of medical coders; this means that even if one of the coders falls ill, there will be another one to take their position. As the medical billing company is responsible for handling the practice's billing process, they ensure that each bill is coded and claimed in an error-free and timely manner! 

More Time for Core Activities

When a practice goes for in-house medical coding, they have to utilize a lot of time and resources, which also impacts the other activities of the practice. Sometimes internal medical coding may affect the core activity, patient care,  of a healthcare facility. As coding is not an easy task, it requires training that takes a lot of time, leaving the medical staff exhausted and decreasing their motivation to serve the patients. 

Outsourcing medical coding services will provide your practice more time to focus on the core activities of the medical practice. This implies that your staff will concentrate more on serving patients and satisfying them. This means your healthcare facility will retain its patients and have an accurate coding and billing process. 


With time, outsourcing medical coding and medical billing service have increased. More and more practices tend to outsource as it gives access to qualified and experienced professionals and the latest technology. If you are looking for a medical billing company that provides the best coding services, you must visit UControl Billing. It is a medical billing and coding company in the USA that provides the best services at the most affordable prices! To know more about them, click on the attached link!