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Marriage Communication

Jan 12



In this video counselors Dr Kevon Owen and Jack Smith are talking about “Marriage Communication”. In your marriage is your communication lacking something?

Do you and your spouse communicate well? Or can it be a little turbulent at times? Communication is all in the approach many times. Does the person you are talking to feel you are really struggling to speak with them like it is a real chore to do that? Do you communicate with your spouse like you would want to be spoken to? Or is the conversation a combustible situation.

Marriage and communication is a 2 way street. If the communication stops then most likely the marriage being over is not far away. If you and your spouse are not communicating and or communicating poorly then speaking with a counselor could be a marriage saver. To do this a marriage counselor might be in order to help you and your spouse find a way back to communication again.

If you would like to discuss your situation with a counselor and find some hope maybe you just couldn’t find. Contact Dr Kevon Owen at Owen Clinic by calling 405-740-1249 or 405-655-5180 or for more information you can also visit the website at

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