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Dedicated Physical Therapists in Syosset, NY

Dec 26

Fitness Sports Performance is a dedicated physical therapy clinic that provides treatment for all athletic injuries. They are located in Syosset, NY, just minutes from the Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway. Sports Performance has been treating athletes to help them maintain their competitive edge by preventing injury or returning quickly from an injury. Sports Performance offers treatments in Syosset, such as Graston Technique, Active Release Techniques, Sports Massage Therapy, Kinesio Taping, and Trigger Point Dry Needling, among many others. If you have any questions about how Sports Performance can help you recover faster or prevent future injuries, please contact us today!

What is a physical therapist, and why do they matter to you?

Sports Performance Syosset is a specialized area that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries related to any type of physical activity. Sports Performance's primary goal is to provide athletes with proper conditioning to improve their athletic abilities. Sports injury occurs when an athlete pushes his or herself too much, causing overtraining, improper technique, or equipment malfunction. Sports Performance therapists are trained to assess athletes and determine the best treatment for their recovery.

Sports performance Syosset is important because it keeps people active, prevents injuries from happening in the first place, and helps them recover quickly when an injury does occur. Physical therapy has become an intelligent way to help with sports-related injuries since it emphasizes proper movement patterns that promote healthy muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, which keep you feeling great! Sports performance physical therapists have advanced training that allows them to get injured patients back into shape faster than ever before, allowing them more time to enjoy being athletic again.

The goal of Sports Performance Therapy is to get clients moving better to function in day-to-day activities without pain or discomfort while also preventing future injuries. Sports performance is important because it helps you become healthier, recover more quickly from injury, and most importantly, allows you to stay active!

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist

A typical day at Sports Performance in Syosset, NY, starts with an early morning workout session. Physical therapists help patients build muscle strength and endurance by starting them on simple exercises such as wall push-ups or squats while motivating them throughout the entire process. After these initial workouts are complete, physical therapists perform various other treatments using modalities like ice massage or electrical stimulation for injured muscles. These techniques can decrease swelling and increase blood flow initially after injury and have long-term benefits for overall health maintenance purposes! The last portion of patient sessions consists of comprehensive functional assessments so that everyone understands where they stand physically and what they need to work on.

Physical therapists do more than just treat patients, though! They are also responsible for scheduling, billing, insurance claims, and marketing the clinic to new and current patients. This can be a lot of work, but it is gratifying to see your patients achieve their goals. Sports Performance in Syosset, NY, has some of the best physical therapists around, and we would love to help you get back to doing what you love! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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